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What are the top advantages and disadvantages of Cash Micropayment ( 소액결제현금화)

Cash Micropayments implicate on the web business dealings for a modest amount of money usually ranging from several pennies to a few dollars. Companies tend to be happy to offer immaterial merchandise such as info for a small number of money. Nonetheless, the e-trade Cash in micropayments (소액결제 현금화) struggle is usually to maintain advertising charges lower. There are several micropayment designs. Each technique has positives and negatives which will be different in accordance with the type of industry deal and customer buy preferences.

1- Prepay Design

This strategy to micropayments normally takes the type of a monthly subscription that allows customers key for a given period of time or level of use. Move forward payment versions consist of newspapers, online games and social websites places. As an illustration, a single on the internet social websites business enables pre-acquire credits be utilized throughout its internet site and maintains 30 percent of revenue for providing this help to other companies such as app builders advertising and marketing goods. Prepay benefits include gift cards for buyers without credit cards and a buy charge that is high ample to guard business transaction charges. Achievable negatives are the necessity for clients to spend a one time payment upfront and the requirement for a refined system by e-trade organizations to sign up personal use and remain credits.

2-Postpay Design

Together with the postpay model, numerous microtransactions are aggregated and captured after they occur. The most observable examples are online songs sales with expenditures behind a number of person tunes purchased. The postpay version has become connected with the prepay model by some online companies. For instance, 1 firm aggregates micropayments but additionally provides gift certificates for prepayment. Postpay rewards are definitely the removal of the upfront charge supply inside the prepay product along with the decrease in more greater purchase fees by merging a lot of smaller sized purchases in a greater one particular. Drawbacks consist of the requirement of a practical digital digesting approach to aggregate buys as well as a functional necessity that permits an individual microtransaction to occur when customers simply want to get one songs.

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