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How to remove I-tip hair extensions


I-suggestion hair extensions are probably the most popular ways to put duration and quantity for your normal head of hair. I-tips are often referred to as “micro rings” or “beaded wefts.” They may be made using completely human being Remy hair, with each strand is tipped by using a little silicone bead.

The bead will then be clamped onto a compact section of your natural locks employing special pliers. No warmth, no glue, with no chemicals are essential! I-tip extensions can last as much as 12 days with proper care and maintenance.

Benefits associated with I-hint hair extensions:

The key benefits of employing I-hint hair extensions are many. First of all, they may be significantly less destroying in your organic head of hair than other sorts of extensions like adhesive-ins or sew-ins. There is absolutely no must drill a hole within your scalp or hair extensions into your all-natural locks.

The one thing which comes into exposure to your hair is definitely the modest silicone bead. I-ideas are flexible and will be designed at all. It is possible to curl them, straighten them, and even coloration them! They are also very simple to remove and re-apply if you want to improve your look.

How to try to get I-idea hair extensions:

Applying I-suggestion hair extensions is a fairly simple procedure done in your own home. Initially, you have got to buy the right supplies. You will require:

-I-tip hair extensions

-Silicon beads


Once you have all your supplies, start by sectioning off modest parts of your natural hair. Then take an I-hint extension and thread it through the bead. Following, use the pliers to clamp down the bead to your natural head of hair. Continue doing this method until all of your extensions happen to be in spot.

That’s it! You have now successfully applied for your I-suggestion hair extensions!

The way to remove I-suggestion hair extensions:

Getting rid of I-suggestion hair extensions is just as simple as implementing them. Very first, utilize the pliers to unclamp the beads out of your normal head of hair. Once all the beads are taken out, delicately take out the extensions. In the event that the extensions are caught up, use a bit of conditioner to aid release them up.

There you possess it! You know every thing there is to know about I-tip hair extensions! We hope this guide was useful and this you’ll give them a shot! Thank you for reading!

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